3 4 Sewer Cable

These “ends” serve various purposes from holding a cutting blade to retriever hooks. The alternative is up to the professional sewer and drain cleansing technician, relying upon the state of affairs at hand. MyTana has served the sewer and drain cleaning business by providing high quality equipment and service since 1957. This drain cleansing cable is designed to be used with Drain Cleaning Machines, Nos. 1ATH5, 3FE63, and 4CX14, out there separately. Plastic inner-core sewer cable offers decrease weight and cost. Call us and permit one of our knowledgeable sales staff information you.

After loading your desired size of cable, attach both a two foot leader cable or a double male coupling. Red Flex cable is designed for General, Spartan and Ridgid upright machines. Allows for a sharper bend into a smaller diameter reel. Select threaded male, Slip-joint, interlocking , slot-lock or Ridgid fashion ends, or no ends installed. After uncoiling the cable and laying out flat, attach the male finish of the cable to the female finish of the 10’ anchor in the drum.

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Cable in Cable – Some firms use plastic to fill the core of their drain cables. At Amazing Machinery we put a cable inside a cable for optimum energy, this helps resist kinking for an extended cable life. Amazing Machinery replacement cables are fabricated from the best high quality carbon high tensile music wire obtainable.

Inner core cable, is heavier than other sewer snakes without the added materials and takes a bit longer for torque to develop. If you need this sewer cable pre-loaded right into a MyTana reel, try our REO units. Select measurement needed, then available size and end choice choices.

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It’s higher than common lubricants as a end result of its special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture and replaces it with a rust-resistant coating. You’ll considerably extend the life of your cables and sewer machine, including the drum, bearings and power cable feed rollers. Snake Oil additionally features a deodorizer to offer gear a fresh, clean smell. Hollow-core sewer cable provides excellent flexibility through tight turns and angles in sewer traces and drains.

3 4 Sewer Cable

Duracable manufactured drain cables can be used with most other brands of drain cleansing machines. Selecting the correct sewer cable measurement and type is essential — a cable that’s too small or too weak for the pipe or the obstruction will break or kink prematurely. A good drain cleansing cable should be used within the proper software, be versatile enough to execute bends in the pipe but be robust enough to develop sufficient torque to remove the drain clog. Safe operation of any cable machine begins with correct cable handling and loading. Spartan drain cleansing cables arrive at the customer’s location as a wound coil. The specially designed spring with a pre-welded feminine connecter is simple to connect in the subject.

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These Cables Are Left Hand Wound and Include Two Welded-On Cable Ends. Our hollow-core sewer cable is made in our St. Paul, MN facility with sturdy and consistent wire supplied to our inside, exacting specifications. No core drain cables are used primarily on small residential pipes which may be tough to navigate with heavier inner core cable. Snake-Oil™ preserves and protects sewer cables towards rust and corrosion.

3 4 Sewer Cable

Duracable Manufacturing designed a high quality 3/4″ drain snake which is nice for cleaning tough clogs from residential drain traces. 3/4″ draincable is perfect for larger drain strains. As torque builds, the nylon core acts as a stiff rod which increases the rigidness of the cable enabling to push through robust drain obstructions. Inner core cable is most commonly used to clearing drain strains without a lot of bends as a result of rigidness of the cable. Draincables Direct manufactures sewer and drain cleansing cables in America using the finest quality music wire out there.

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With the drum rotating within the proper direction, start feeding the cable into the drum. Due to the quantity of initial pressure wound into your cable, care have to be taken when uncoiling the bundle of cable. The cable will spring aside after the wire ties, which safe the cable, are reduce.

We may help you by answering any questions about our products you might have. Duracable presents an industry-leading 30-day guarantee on each drain cable we manufacture. DuraFlex® cable is guaranteed for 30 days against material defects. Cable inventory tag must accompany the return with a minimum of seven toes of cable.


It is meant to be used in runs with fewer bends or turns. Inner-core sewer cable provides a superb combination of flexible and stiff to clear even essentially the most cussed clogs. Manufactured in America utilizing the best quality music wire obtainable. Lastly, there are quite a few “ends” which might be often connected to the tip of the drain snake.

Blue-flex cable is designed for MyTana and sled type cable machines. We supply a complete range of kit, components and equipment for the cleaning, upkeep and inspection of sewers and drains. This insures correct distribution of cable inside the drum. Leave about 2-3 feet of cable out of the machine to allow for attaching the following part of cable.

— Heavy Responsibility —clog Pro 3/4” Hole & Internal Core – Replacement Drain Cables

Warranty and Repair All products are warranted towards defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of buy. Beyond that, most cable machine and jetter repairs may be completed within the subject. Visit our weblog for info of curiosity to sewer and drain cleaners.

3 4 Sewer Cable

With the machine plugged in, depress the foot actuator and verify the rotation of the drum. The drum should rotate in a counter-clockwise path, as you face the entrance of the machine. If the drum rotates within the incorrect path, reverse the toggle switch situated on the motor support and check rotation again.

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Prepare your broken snake by slicing off the damaged or kinked finish of the cable with bolt cutters or a hack saw. Then simply thread the Quick-Fix over the broken snake. Once it’s on, the Quick-Fix holds on so tightly that it merely cannot be removed, even if you wanted to. A double wound drain cleansing cable, corresponding to Spartan’s Magnum cable, is the strongest and lightest type of sewer cable on the market right now.

Installed ends are elective for hollow-core cable – see notes about ends on each dimension of cable. Click right here to see our full listing of sewer cable ends and their applications. Sections for I-95, Root sixty six, Model 88, Hot-Rodder and Rodrunner come within the all function Flexichain which has a series center, a stiffer Proflex which has a spring heart, and a hole fashion. Proflex is also out there with a heavier responsibility 5/8″ spring center. They snap together in a second and are taken apart rapidly with a spanner wrench or uncoupling key. With the more lately developed “G” connector, no torque is put on the locking pin when operating in reverse, making it a durable coupling.