Host Dry Carpet Cleaner 30 Lbs

Spruce Industries is your cleaning professional. Our employees offers steering from the easy duties, similar to vacuuming, to the advanced task of achieving sustainability. Guides for the measuring and placement of rugs in every room of your personal home. Accessories Cleaners, rug pads and extra on your area rugs. Our Softest Rugs Ranked Searching for a rug that’s gentle underfoot? We have our softest rugs ranked for you.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner 30 Lbs

Unique expertise that deep cleans by dissolving, trapping and absorbing dirt. Low moisture formula insures that spots wont wick again and there’s no sticky residue to cause resoiling. Also cleans unsealed grouted flooring. Safe, nontoxic, pure and biodegradable. Host incorporates a balanced mix of water, detergents, wetting brokers and natural components. Like a sponge in a kitchen, HOST holds and controls the cleansing liquids so dissolved filth does not run into the carpet backing.

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Sometimes the simple tasks turn into difficult procedures. Sometimes a little good recommendation enables you to go down the right path. Since 1965, Spruce Industries has been serving to facility managers and their workers achieve cleansing excellence no matter what the dimensions of facility or staff.

As the low moisture cleaner is brushed via the carpet, the absorbent particles deep clear by dissolving, trapping and eradicating spots, spills and greasy, oily filth. Like a sponge it holds and controls the cleansing liquids so dissolved dust doesn’t run into the carpet backing. Natural fiber rugs and carpet should solely be cleaned with a dry extraction cleaner.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner 1630h 30lbs

Measuring Guides Guides for the measuring and placement of rugs in each room of your home. We can make rugs with fire reduce outs, clipped corners and many other custom shapes.

After vacuuming up the HOST Cleaner, carpet is clean, dry and again in service. HOST is a natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and protected for folks and pets. Excellent for all carpet cleaning jobs. Contains a balance blend of water, detergent, wetting brokers and natural ingredients. Contains a balanced blend of water, detergents and green cleaning chemistry.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner 12 Lb Field #4hb, 412h

The Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is great for general cleansing and to freshen your pure fiber rug. Safe for all types of carpet including wool, sisal and Orientals. Removes mud mites and other allergens. Sometimes the questions are difficult and the answers are simple.